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DOVE RADIO is radio for your soul.

Feel the touch...!

INTRODUCING... Maximum Empowerment Radio.

Hosted by Michael Dove

Radio that attunes your life with words that will reach your soul.

This is radio which nurtures the peak expression of your truth. At DOVE RADIO we specialize in soul and transcendence


DOVE RADIO will present concepts in:


  •  Healing

  •  Energy work

  •  Shamanism

  • Cutting Edge Consciousness

  • Spiritual Growth and Adventure



The mission of DOVE RADIO is to reach diverse communities with information, entertainment, resources which will support the most radical awakening of consciousness.  As a patron of DOVE RADIO you will be participating in the very history of consciousness. By your support you will become a player in the great game of universal self realization.
A central goal of DOVE RADIO is to present the next leaders, visionaries, innovators to the world.
Another goal is to cultivate a powerful warm loving self realized community. DOVE RADIO provides multiple exciting ways to participate in this wonderful work.  


Together we will learn of Love, Meditation, Psychic Development, Intuitive Healing and Spirit.

All this will support your highest attainment as we achieve grounded living in this energetic universe.

Dove Radio is talk with heart and meaning by the new leaders in conscious living.




About Michael Dove



Michael was born with a connection to spirit which was allowed to remain intact and he has carried this into adulthood. He was nurtured and supported in his spirituality and creativity by his parents, as well as accomplished spiritual teachers who recognised his connection. They taught him processes of soul retrieval, past life regression, shamanic dream work, Ancestral and genetic karma clearing. It is a privilege for him to exemplify a truly authentic African American mystical and wisdom tradition. His experiences have led him to live in spiritual community for several years, conduct workshops nationally and internationally, led wilderness experiences. He has utilized multi-media to engage as a spiritual teacher, worked with the dying and people living with life threatening illness for many years. Michael is recognized as an Elder by the International Community of African and Caribbean Healers.(based in London, UK.) Michael maintains an active practice as a spiritual guide and has apprentices around the world. Several volumes of spiritual discourse will be published world wide this year.


To learn more about Michael Dove and his work visit:  and   









Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on DOVE RADIO are those individuals expressing them. They are not necessarily the views or policies of Michael Dove or DOVE RADIO.

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